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Summoning items are items that are used to summon Bosses and Events. They must be used in order to spawn bosses and events, as they will not spawn otherwise.


Item Summons Conditions
Glade Wreath.png Glade Wreath Glade Wraith


Item Summons Conditions
Scarab Idol.png Scarab Idol Scarabeus
Dreamlight Jelly.png Dreamlight Jelly Moon Jelly Wizard
  • Used anywhere during the night.
Bramble Tooth.png Bramble Tooth Vinewrath Bane
Feather Crown.png Feather Crown Ancient Avian
Starplate Beacon.png Starplate Beacon Starplate Voyager
Pain Caller.png Pain Caller Infernon
Dusk Crown.png Dusk Crown Dusking
  • Used anywhere during the night.
Stone Fist.png Stone Fist Atlas
  • Used anywhere on the Surface.


Item Summons Conditions
Distress Jelly.png Distress Jelly Jelly Deluge
  • While in Space during the night.
Martian Transmitter.png Martian Transmitter Martian Madness
  • n/a
Sands of Time.png Sands of Time Sandstorm
Seabreak Pearl.png Seabreak Pearl The Tide
Turquoise Lens.png Turquoise Lens Mystic Moon
  • During the night.
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