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Spirit Mod ported the mod over to tModloader 1.4. This port added a batch of new content, Bestiary support, Master Mode content, and much more along with various balance changes, removals, and bug fixes.

New Content

Reworks/Balance Changes

Melee Weapons

Rimehowl: (rework)

  • Updated directional swing effect
  • Frostburn wave replaced with a new ice wave projectile that fires every 3rd swing
  • Increased damage to 40

Talon Blade: (rework)

  • Now fires a barrage of feathers around its swing arc
  • Damage increased to 30
  • UseTime reduced to 18

Headsplitter: (rework)

  • Right click function now has a cooldown and deals bonus damage to enemies afflicted by Surging Anguish
  • Update visuals and swing animation
  • Added a visual indicator when enemies are inflicted on hit
  • Usetime reduced to 24

Unstable Star (rework)

  • Reworked to behave like a 1.4 Flail
  • If wound up completely, erupts into granite chunks when hitting an enemy

Clattering Mace (rework)

  • Reworked to behave like a 1.4 flail
  • Now has an audiovisual cue for reducing enemy defense

Accursed Blade (buff)

  • Updated sprite
  • Gives off dusts when swung
  • Accursed souls now have a grab range of 20
  • Projectile damage scaling per collected accursed soul increased
  • Accursed souls no longer drop from critters
  • Damage increased to 20

Clubs: (rework)

  • The swing and windup animations for clubs have been tweaked
  • Changed club damage tooltips to appear as a range, instead of only their minimum damage value
  • Prevented clubs from colliding with tiles within the first half of their swing arc
  • Changed clubs to use 1.4 composite arm rotation
  • Changed club projectile logic to account for the width and height of the sprite instead of the single highest value
  • Allowed all clubs to use their special "slam" effects midair when hitting an enemy
  • Most clubs (with the exception of the Wooden Club and Brute Hammer) have a base critical strike chance of 10%
  • Charge times are now affected by melee speed bonuses
  • Updated the sprite of every club to be larger
  • Every club has been rebalanced, see new stats below:

Wooden Club:

  • Min damage increased (11 > 12)
  • Max damage increased to 40
  • No longer requires iron to be made

Bass Slapper:

  • Min damage increased (16 > 28)
  • Max damage increased to 90

Golden Greathammer:

  • Min damage increased (20 > 30)
  • Max damage increased to 105
  • Charge time increased to 60

Platinum Scepter:

  • Min damage increased (20 > 31)
  • Max damage increased to 110


  • Min damage increased (22 > 34)
  • Max damage increased to 80
  • Charged strikes now launch bubbles in all directions around the impact point, which linger for a while
  • Bubbles now have 10 armor penetration
  • Updated bubble visuals

Club Sandwich:

  • Min damage increased (18 > 28)
  • Max damage increased to 104

Floran Bludgeon:

  • Min damage increased (20 > 32)
  • Max damage increased to 80
  • Wave projectile now deals 1/4 of club damage


  • Minimum damage increased (24 > 36)
  • Maximum damage increased to 90
  • Spore cloud now deals 1/9 of club damage


  • Minimum damage increased (30 > 64)
  • Maximum damage increased to 225

The Blasphemer:

  • Minimum damage increased (30 > 62)
  • Maximum damage increased to 150

Unstable Adze:

  • Minimum damage increased (25 > 60)
  • Maximum damage increased to 175
  • Reduced charged acceleration
  • Charged strikes now launch a shockwave forward on collision, instead of exploding into sparks when an enemy is struck

Bone Club:

  • Minimum damage increased (27 > 66)
  • Maximum damage increased to 200
  • Now has a tooltip describing its special effect

The Probe:

  • Updated tooltip to be more accurate
  • Made lasers spawn further away and made them spawn less frequently
  • Changed laser damage to scale off weapon damage

Oak Heart: (rework)

  • Revamped visuals
  • Reduced projectile rate of falling
  • Poison clouds appear based on times hit rather than random chance
  • Increased use time (25 >> 32)

Blizzard's Edge

  • Updated sprite
  • Can no longer turn mid-swing
  • Allowed cast to be used directionally
  • Changed use animation while using cast

Blades of Chaos

  • Updated item sprite
  • Increased combo length from 3 to 4
  • Updated swing behavior and visual effects
  • Replaced guaranteed crit with a damaging AOE on combo end
  • Changed both blades to always launch simultaneously, each dealing half of the item's listed damage
  • Added new sound effects for some attacks
  • Final two combo attacks inflict hellfire
  • Usetime reduced to 22


  • Projectiles now have the correct damage type
  • Damage tooltips now display as a range
  • Updated projectile visuals, removed telegraph
  • Charge times are now affected by melee speed bonuses
  • Frigid Javelin now always inflicts Frostburn
  • Increased charge speed of all javelins
  • All javelins now have a base critical strike chance of 10%
  • Increased the damage of all javelins


  • Now use 1.4 composite arm rotation
  • Charge times are now affected by melee speed bonuses
  • Fixed a sprite error on Slag Breaker's projectile

Jade Daos

  • Updated item and projectile sprites
  • Updated swing behavior and removed combo mechanic as a result
  • Increased damage (95 >> 170) in order to compensate for generally lower use times
  • Changed both blades to always launch simultaneously, each dealing half of the item's listed damage
  • Changed blades to launch forward on release, pulling struck enemies inward
  • Updated tooltip to acknowledge new mechanics
  • Added new sound effects for some attacks

Duskfeather Dagger

  • Updated sprite and visuals and added an arrow to indicate return direction
  • Projectiles now deal 50% additional damage when returned with right click, and automatically return after 10s

  • Sanctified Stabber now functions like a 1.4 shortsword
  • Club Sandwich food items now provide a second of Exquisitely Stuffed
  • Removed useDelay from Cursebreaker and reduced damage (100 >> 90)
  • Updated Cursebreaker's sprites
  • Gilded Tome damage increased (21 >> 30)
  • Slag Breaker damage increased (29 >> 40)
  • Increased Blade of the Dragon damage (100 >> 210) and reuse delay (20)
  • Royal Khopesh no longer knocks the player back on third swing
  • Increased Hollow Nail damage (15 >> 22)
  • Updated Hollow Nail's projectile sprite
  • Dusk Lance now always fires a shadowflame apparition, always inflicts shadow flame, deals 42 damage, and has had its usetime reduced to 2
  • Gilded Bident damage buffed (18 >> 24)
  • Removed Starfury and Talon Blade from Starblade recipe
  • Improved Talonginus AI and visual effects
  • Changed pacing of Bismite Pike attacks
  • Increased Anime Sword damage to 40
  • Reef Trident now uses local NPC immunity frames
  • Seraph's Strike right-click effect now imitates autoswing
  • Switched Nautilobber acquisition with Moonburst, to reduce the number of early game clubs competing. Moonburst now has a lower drop rate from Moonlight Rupturers comparatively to Nautilobber's previous rate
  • Updated Livewire tooltip to clarify that it can be plugged into enemies

Ranged Weapons

Orion's Quickdraw: (buff)

  • Updated sprite and visual effects
  • Now leaves a trail of star projectiles behind its bullets

Starcharger: (buff)

  • Updated sprite and visual effects
  • Increased explosion size
  • Opposite arrows now home into each other

Soaring Scapula: (buff)

  • Recently struck targets take additional damage when hitting the ground
  • Updated visual effects
  • Increased initial velocity
  • Increased damage (22 >> 32)
  • Reduced use time (21 >> 19)

Heartstrike: (rework)

  • Updated sprite and visual effects
  • When hitting an enemy, an empowered shot is stored. Right click to fire an empowered arrow
  • Empowered shots are hitscan projectiles that deal 150% damage and inflict surging anguish.

Blaster: (rework)

  • Updated item sprites
  • Increased the range of variables used for determining the item's behavior, resulting in a greater chance of a unique item each time one is found
  • Reworked every individual randomized element
  • Removed the ability to cycle elements by right clicking the item, in favor of greater customization
  • Added rare counterparts which inherit more controlled and distinct effects
  • Increased drop rate

Magic Weapons

Whirltide: (buff)

  • Significantly cleaned up projectiles and fixed issues with NPC knockback direction
  • Damage increased to 30
  • Mana cost increased to 10
  • Knockback reduced to 6

Tome of the Thousand Fangs: (soft rework)

  • Drastically improved visuals
  • Buffed damage to 30
  • Reduced use time slightly

Eye of the Beholder: (soft rework)

  • Mana drain reduced to 10 mana/sec
  • Fireballs are now only prompted by using right click, and cost an additional 10 mana to cast
  • Yo-yo retreats when running out of mana, rather than disappearing

Talon's Fury: (soft rework)

  • Updated weapon visuals
  • Projectiles now home in on targets slightly
  • Decreased the distance that projectiles spawn from the player
  • Updated tooltip

Gilded Tome (rework):

  • Added a unique use animation
  • Now fires in two-projectile bursts
  • Increased total use animation from 28 to 34 ticks
  • Decreased the height in which projectiles are spawned from the player
  • Updated visual effects
  • Projectiles now create a damaging AOE on tile collision
  • Increased projectile size
  • Removed slowing functionality when hitting targets
  • Updated item tooltip to reflect new changes

Summon Weapons

Fungal Icthyoid (buff)

  • Now auto reusable, usetime reduced accordingly
  • Code quality and efficiency improved, now properly spawns mushrooms around the player
  • Inflicts 5 summon tag damage
  • Mana cost reduced (14 >> 8)
  • Damage increased (12 >> 20)
  • Doubled effective homing range

Gate Staff (buff)

  • Reduced use time (55 >> 25)
  • Increased electric field max distance from 300px to 500px
  • Made summoned hoppers gravitate towards each other when out of range
  • Changed to no longer require right click to summon a second hopper, and changed right click to remove all summoned hoppers instead

Mango Jelly Staff minion:

  • Now more accurately charges at enemies
  • No longer deals damage while moving at slow speeds
  • Charges more frequently
  • Uses afterimages and dusts while charging
  • Reduced movement while idling near the player

Jellyfish Staff minion:

  • Improved coloration
  • Now gives off a small amount of light
  • Updated movement when targeting enemies
  • No longer rapidly switches direction when targeting enemies

Two-Faced Mask

  • Decreased damage (17 >> 15)
  • Prevented summons from colliding with tiles
  • Jinxbow now does summoner damage and fires weaker arrows when the user has no ammunition
  • Reduced Nature's Grasp's mana cost (12 >> 8) and reduced summon tag damage to 2
  • Increased the duration of Arcbolter's static link rebuff (5s >> 8s)
  • Decreased Fairy Whistle's damage (10 >> 8) and removed Fallen Stars from its recipe
  • Decreased Aching Heart's damage (22 >> 17)
  • Equipped summonses are no longer stackable
  • Sentries now last 10 minutes
  • Cragbound Staff is now considered a sentry weapon
  • Skeletalon Staff inflicts 5 summon tag damage
  • Improved G-TEK Drone Box AI
  • Updated Rogue's Crest minion behavior and visuals, to parallel those of the Spellsword Crest
  • Reintroduced a number of missing visual effects from Supernova and removed health tooltip when hovered over
  • Updated Lunazoa Staff minion behavior


Noxious Targe

  • Now inflicts festering wounds and provides 2 defense for each enemy afflicted with festering wounds
  • Range extended to 480 px
  • Passive defense reduced to 1


  • Duration increased to 5s
  • Tooltip rewritten
  • Now always strikes enemies back for 30 damage

Crystal Flower

  • Now activates with a 1 in 3 chance when killing an enemy, as opposed to a varying 1 in 7 or 1 in 12 chance
  • Projectiles now scale off damage dealt, rather than dealing 30 flat damage
  • Projectiles now attempt to fire toward nearby enemies, distributed equally among all targets in range
  • Effect now chains when killing enemies
  • Updated effect visuals
  • Tile now uses a glowmask and gives off dusts occasionally

Interstellar Shield Core

  • Shields no longer deal 1 damage to enemies on contact, or destroy fragile tiles
  • Doubled shield hitbox size
  • Defensive capacity now scales based on the player's defense stat
  • Shields regenerate passively instead of regenerating only after being destroyed
  • Updated shield visuals

Ace Cards

  • Ace of Hearts + Diamonds now trigger at a chance equal to (useTime / 75) * 100 whenever you land a critical hit
  • Ace of Spades now provides a more straightforward 20% crit damage bonus
  • Ace of Clubs now drops copper equal to the damage dealt in the crit

Winter's Bauble

  • Reduced shield cooldown to one minute, as opposed to two
  • Changed shield to only appear when the player is struck to below half health
  • Added buff indicators for when the shield is active and on cooldown
  • Updated shield visuals
  • Made item tooltip more concise

Leather Fistwraps

  • Updated sprites
  • Now only increases melee speed; updated tooltip accordingly

Frigid Wraps

  • Updated sprites
  • Now only increase melee speed and stacks 5 times; updated tooltip accordingly

Leather Striders

  • Updated item sprite
  • Now provide 5% speed and 25% acceleration

Coiled Cleats

  • Updated sprites
  • Now provide the benefits of Leather Striders and an additional 15% speed and 75% acceleration at low health
  • Changed name to “Heartbeat Cleats”

Sharpshooter's Glove

  • Updated sprites
  • Updated empowered projectile visuals


Gilded armor:

  • Now a two-piece set
  • Each piece provides 10% multiplicative speed and 50% acceleration
  • The set bonus now lasts for 5 seconds when activated, but has a 10s cooldown

Granite armor:

  • Now increases jump speed by +1 per piece (+3 total)
  • Increased total defense to 30
  • Updated set bonus visuals
  • The player starts descending immediately upon activating set bonus
  • The player is immune to knockback while stomping
  • Enemies take damage if they contact the player while stomping
  • Shockwave hitbox encompasses the player and has greater range, which increases with height

Cryolite armor:

  • Reduced total defense to 28
  • Reduced melee speed bonus on helmet to 8%

Chitin armor:

  • Speed is now multiplicative
  • Chestplate gives an additional 5% speed

Darkfeather Visage:

  • The hat itself now grants 7% summon and magic damage
  • Darkfeather bomb spawning is now the set bonus rather than base effect
  • Set bonus now applies with either a robe or flinx fur coat equipped
  • Resprited to reflect the Darkfeather Mage resprite from 1.4.3
  • Many armors and vanities were resprited when translated onto 1.4 sheets
  • Several hats now allow a player's hair to be seen


Scarabs: (rework)

  • Updated sprite
  • Now a critter
  • Able to climb on background walls

Astral Amalgam

  • Updated revolving shield visuals (alike Interstellar Shield Core shields)
  • Shields no longer create damage numbers when struck
  • Updated visuals when damaged or killed
  • Shields now burst into a spread of 3 unique projectiles instead of a single Shockhopper laser
  • Shields now react dynamically to projectile damage, unable to lose more than 1/3 of health from a single attack
  • Shields now regenerate passively


  • Now has an 11.1% chance to drop a blood moon aurora monolith, a 50% chance to drop a bloody tear, and spawns 6 dreamstride wisps (from 4)
  • Increased spawn weight to 1/50
  • Reduced base HP to 800



  • Reintroduced to the Asteroid biome chest loot pool
  • Rails can now carry the player in either direction regardless of elevation
  • Rails are now automatically used on contact and can be dismounted by jumping or pressing down
  • Tethers don't expire over time, and can now be removed manually when hovered over
  • Updated visuals
  • Updated item tooltip to reflect changes

Fathomless Vase:

  • Added Coin portal spawn and self-detonation as potential effects
  • Added an idle pulsing glow effect


  • Now grows naturally on Spirit Grass
  • Now blooms only during a Mystic or new moon
  • Glows when fully grown
  • Changed item sprite to be consistent with other herb items
  • Made tile placement logic consistent with other herbs
  • Made Soul Bloom harvestable by Staff of Regrowth on a pot
  • Reduced Soulbloom Seeds item rarity to white, like other seed items


  • Demon Sheath pet now points at the highest value NPC in range and emits dusts at their position
  • Updated sprites for Caged Moonlight, Jelly Peace Candle, Phantom Egg, Ring of Willpower, Support Beacon, Shadow Collar, Demon Tail, Demon Sheath, and Mystical Cage
  • Replaced prior attainment methods of the items listed below:
  • Demon Sheath now drops from Shadow Mimics with a 10% chance
  • Jelly Peace Candle now drops from Pink Jellyfish with a 2.5% chance in Normal mode and a 3.3% chance in Expert mode
  • Shadow Collar now drops from Hellhounds with a 3.1% chance in Normal mode and a 3.8% chance in Expert mode
  • Demon Tail now drops from demon enemies with a 2% chance in Normal mode and a 2.5% chance in Expert mode
  • Ring of Willpower now drops from enemies in the Asteroid biome with a 1.5% chance
  • Caged Moonlight is now sold from the Zoologist on 50% Spirit bestiary completion
  • Mystical Cage now appears as secondary loot in Sepulchre chests
  • Added glow masks to some items, projectiles and tiles
  • Updated several item sprites
  • Adjusted many items' sell prices
  • Made several tiles detectable using a Spelunker Potion
  • Made boss bag names and dropped visuals consistent with vanilla
  • Map pins are now draggable and removable, and have new sfx for being dropped and removed
  • Gave new impact effects to Target Cans
  • Updated Astralite Beacon tile visuals
  • Golden Caviar now provides Exquisitely Stuffed
  • Sun in a Pot gives a new eponymous buff instead of the base game's regeneration buff
  • Clarified Seabreak Pearl use in its tooltip
  • Changed Spirit Crate's contents to better match Vanilla's
  • Rewrote messages for generating Spirit microstructures
  • Avian islands now spawn near floating islands and have been rebuilt
  • Spirit biome particles are now affected by wind speed on the surface
  • Stamina Zone speed and acceleration modifier reduced (~70% >> 30%)
  • Reduced lingering duration of the Slowness Zone to 2s
  • Meteorite no longer generates in asteroids
  • Iridescent shards renamed to Iridescent Scales
  • Increased shoot speed of Vine Chain
  • Thorny Crates no longer require a boss to be downed for chest loot
  • Simplified explosives recipes that involve sulfur
  • Reduced the cost of all Dreamstride Essence weapons to 8
  • Reduced the cost of the blood court chestplate to 8 dreamstride
  • Updated Fate Token's use visuals and tooltip
  • Old Telescope now includes right click functionality in tooltip
  • Driftwood Blocks now merges with sand and wood
  • Fluorescent tiles have been renamed to Neon tiles
  • Gave Starplate Gravity a debuff icon
  • Changed the dust and light color of darkfeather projectiles from green to bright blue
  • Buffed Festering Wounds to 4dps above 50% HP and 8 dps below
  • Added Draugr Statue item & recipe, allowing for renewability
  • Made Frigid Fragment give off light when dropped in the world
  • Lowered the spawn rate of Spirit ambient tiles slightly
  • Spooky Grass now spreads onto dirt
  • Removed “Scarabs are pouring out of the walls!” Pop up when breaking the scarab idol
  • Breaking Asteroid Blocks and rock candy in space creates asteroid debris
  • Added 'not for masters!' tooltip to the couch to reference the vanilla chippy's couch item
  • Modified Sakura and Yellow Willow Bonsai draw offsets
  • Made Mystic Moon's event message consistent regardless of cause
  • Updated 'Guide to Weaponry'
  • Updated 'An Alchemists Observations'
  • Moved aesthetic Granite Formations from the Workbench to the Naturalist's Workshop
  • Aurora Saddle's mount is now able to run over water
  • Updated sprites for Ancient Grimoire, buff and pet sprites
  • Updated all relevant items to use ModifyItemLoot
  • Adjusted gold from boss bags
  • Adjusted several drop rates marginally
  • Updated Jelly Peace Candle's pet and buff sprites
  • Updated Magnet Hook item and projectile sprites
  • Increased spawn weight of Message in a Bottle



Removed or Replaced

  • Removed Grey Solution, as Green Solution can now be used to convert Spirit and Briar tiles.
  • Removed Clatterbone armor
  • Removed Bloodrite Dagger due to the vanilla Bloody Tear
  • Replaced Stone armor set with Stoneplate
  • Disabled the "Apple" item, due to its vanilla counterpart
  • Removed Acid, Cosmic, and Warrior sets
  • Removed Blazing Rattler and Mid-Knight
  • Removed Infernal Shield and Shadow Gauntlet
  • Removed Arcane Codex- Repulsion Zone
  • Unloaded Thyrus and Creeping Vine (unobtainable & unfinished)
  • Unloaded Holy Sword, (unobtainable)
  • Removed unused Pollinating Poison debuff
  • Replaced Fiery Lash with Infernal Pact as its new Expert Mode drop
  • Removed Manasilk armor, functionally replaced by vanilla Flinx armor
  • Disabled Eyeshot, Rot Scourge, and Shinigami
  • Disabled Umbilical Eyeball (unobtainable & unfinished)
  • Removed Stardrive Chip (unobtainable)
  • Removed Sword of Redwall
  • Removed Electrified, Poison, and Shroomite Arrows

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced Sporecoid Potion duration to 7200 (7300 translated to an awkward length)
  • Fixed G-TEK, Granitech, and GraniTec content having an inconsistent naming scheme
  • Fixed inconsistent Cryo Crush description in item tooltips
  • Removed 2 copper ore from Claw Cannon recipe
  • Fixed Demons only ever dropping 2 Slagstone despite being intended to drop 1-3
  • Added missing iron to the Elderbark Piano's recipe
  • Fixed Oracle boon buff dialogue ("more" tokens instead of "stronger" tokens)
  • Enchanter notes Mystic Moon only on Mystic Moons now
  • Made unique NPC dialogue only activate when another NPC is nearby
  • Fixed duplicate Decrepit Depths reward
  • Fixed some quests only being unlocked by Eater of Worlds and not Brain of Cthulhu
  • Fixed Flowery Fiends start space
  • Fixed Brew of Immunity displayname misspell
  • Fisheye Gem now doesn't have periods in the tooltip for consistency
  • Fixed GiveNPCTasks not being able to take items if the items were not a single stack
  • Fixed GiveNPCTasks poorly grabbing full stacks of items when not necessary
  • Aurora Monoliths now override natural auroras
  • Fixed Thorny Crate still attempting to drop the removed Thornwild Staff
  • Fixed and modernized Long Fuse functionality
  • Fixed missing main loot item in Asteroid Chests
  • Fixed Asteroids enemies always dropping Blasters, now they have a 1/50 chance to drop it
  • Fixed overlapping light and normal pets
  • Made light pets actually use the light pet slot
  • Changed the Pillbug Friend buff's description from "Rock and Roll" to "'Rock and roll!'" and capitalized Friend
  • Fixed Sanguine Scutum from disabling all DoT debuffs
  • Fixed Moon Jelly's draw frame being the wrong width
  • Fixed Moon Jelly Donut tooltip displaying an incorrect duration
  • Changed Illusionist's Golden Key drop chance to 1.53% instead of 1/53
  • Changed Cyan Solution to convert Grass Walls into Natural Spirit Walls instead of their craftable counterpart
  • Fixed Livewire projectile texture being backwards
  • Fixed Hundred-Crack Fist using purple dusts instead of blue when held
  • Made Hair Dye and Potion use styles consistent with vanilla
  • Made numerous ambient tiles break when another tile is placed over them
  • Fixed Diver Zombie animation errors
  • Fixed Bloomshroom banner sprite errors
  • Removed duplicate Crystal Drifter banner
  • Renamed several banners to fit the NPC's real name
  • Prevented the Forsaken Bandit from accepting the Royal Crown when the player doesn't have the item in their inventory
  • Removed notes on deleted content
  • Fixed Cragbound Staff preventing other sentries from being used
  • Fixed Wrathful Soul's dash sound playing periodically throughout its dash, instead of a single time at the beginning
  • Fixed Chitin Axe chopping cactus and palm wood slower
  • Fixed Crinoids not being considered critters
  • Fixed marble and granite tracks being overridden by jungle
  • Fixed claw cannon recipe not allowing the use of lead
  • Festerflies now drop the Pesterfly Cane instead of Pesterflies
  • Fixed granite armor stomp sending the player in the wrong direction when gravity is reversed
  • Fixed granite armor set bonus description showing an incorrect cooldown time, reduced the cooldown to half a second
  • Fixed Undead Scientist not spawning more often when holding the Grisly Science Experiment
  • Fixed Blade of the Dragon and Anime Sword resetting player flight time
  • Fixed Anime Sword's sparkle effect being positioned incorrectly
  • Fixed an error on Anime Sword's held sprite
  • Locked player arm rotation while using Blade of the Dragon or Anime Sword
  • Fixed Phantom gores being 2x larger than they should be
  • Fixed a typo in Spectre Knife's tooltip
  • Fixed Bismite Crystal Staff right-click effect still working on summons for a short time after they've been replaced
  • Fixed Olympium Token shop listing always being pluralized, regardless of quantity
  • Fixed Enchanter making the wrong death sound
  • Fixed Caesar Salad tooltip reading "Increases life regeneration" twice in expert mode, instead reading "Greatly increases life regeneration"
  • Fixed some Vector .109 fire VFX not appearing for connected clients in multiplayer (namely rings)
  • Fixed Gastric Gusher not rotating correctly in multiplayer
  • Fixed Starfleet not rotating correctly and firing two sets of projectiles in multiplayer
  • Fixed Duskfeather Dagger return not syncing in multiplayer
  • Synced Fathomless Vase effects in multiplayer
  • Fixed Hundred-Crack Fist not working correctly in multiplayer
  • Fixed Shadowmoor not working correctly in multiplayer
  • Changed Bismite Grenade to deal ranged damage instead of throwing
  • Fixed Accursed Blade not dropping souls in multiplayer
  • Fixed Talonginus not orienting itself properly in multiplayer
  • Fixed Dartboard only providing a crit bonus for melee damage
  • Fixed Diamond Ace not animating when it drops in the world
  • Fixed Leather Safeguard being used in the Gilded Shield recipe
  • Fixed The Beginner's Guide to Weaponry incorrectly displaying a frigid shard where bismite should be
  • Fixed Vector .109 and Gastric Gusher not consuming ammo
  • Fixed Ancient Avian aftereffects not facing the right way
  • Fixed transparent water slope rendering
  • Fixed Marksman's Hood, Sunflower Garb, and Elderbark armor doubling their respective damage types rather than increasing them by a single point
  • Fixed Seraph's Strike not drawing correctly after using its secondary function
  • Fixed clubs being unaffected by generic damage modifications (such as dartboard)
  • Fixed clubs being unaffected by knockback modifications
  • Fixed several club items having inaccurate knockback values
  • Fixed some club dusts colliding with non-solid tiles
  • Prevented Chitin armor set bonus from creating movement dusts when mounted or airborne
  • Fixed a sheeting error on Soulbloom's tile sprite
  • Fixed a typo in Calm Night's display name when using the Weather Radio
  • Fixed Seraph's Strike right-click effect not drawing a glowmask correctly
  • Fixed Omniwrench's projectile using an outdated sprite
  • Fixed Omniwrench sometimes firing two projectiles at once
  • Fixed a typo in Demon Tail's tooltip
  • Made Stymphalian Bat rotation consistent when diving
  • Fixed Stymphalian Bat using the wrong frame when diving
  • Fixed some pets using incorrect names
  • Fixed Tesla Turret projectiles dealing magic damage

API Systems & Compatibility

  • Clubs spawn projectiles and items using GetSource_FromAI("ClubSmash")
  • Stuff spawned from a double tap will use Player.GetSource_FromThis("DoubleTap")
  • Entities spawned from an item's alt use right click will use player.GetSource_ItemUse("RightClick")
  • Entities spawned from opening an item through right click will still use player.GetSource_OpenItem("RightClick")
  • Entities spawned when an entity hits a tile will use entity.GetSource_Misc("TileHit")
  • Entities spawned from boons will use npc.GetSource_FromAI("Boon")
  • Items spawned from quests will always use the "Quest" context
  • Forsaken Bandits use the NPC.GetSourceLoot("Steal") method when dropping the player's coins
  • Pustules use new EntitySource_TileBreak(Position.X, Position.Y, "PustuleDeath") on break
  • Completely deprecated isFullySubmerged check
  • Most checks now use MyPlayer.Submerged(30), for being under 30 continuous tiles of water
  • Hydrothermal Vents use Submerged (45) as they are deep ocean specific
  • Added Mod.Call support for getting/setting events
  • Improved DropRule.LootPoolRule to use Indices
  • TileTag reorganization
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1.4.2 • • • • 1.4.3 • • • • • • • • and • • • • and •
1.5 • • • • • • • • • • • • •